Welcome to the blog for Greener Pastures Natural Foods Co-op! Thank you for joining us.

Greener Pastures Natural Foods Co-op, if I’m honest, was originally more of a reaction from me. How dare “they say” that all the good, all the effort, all the people who were helped by Janette at the Health Nut Pantry in Glencoe would be washed up and closed. Not if you’re asking me. These are my people, my home. Someone must love us and if we do not love ourselves maybe no one will.

I’m honored to serve in this great survivor of a city. The people of our area are strong… sometimes seeming like they don’t need anyone else, but in reality we all need each other. We are interdependent and blessed to be a community.

I think that was one of my most prominent observations from serving at the Health Nut Pantry. For the time I volunteered I saw people come together who hadn’t seen each other in a while. They seemed to have important conversations. Something about the small and nurturing setting promoted this. Janette’s kindness and presence had a lot to do with that as well I’m sure.

Well in this new co-op endeavor I can’t say what it will be like or feel like but I hope to preserve that value anyway. I hope the value of relationships is strong, that this becomes a place where you and I have unexpected and valued conversations – while we buy great food and come together as a community. I’ll do my best to see this thru and so, I expect, will you. Here’s to us and to Greener Pastures. ❤ – Alycia Renee

To view the official website for Greener Pastures Natural Foods Co-op & Wellness Center, please visit http://www.greenerpasturescoop.com.