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Now Taking Your Co-op Order – in Glencoe

Did you know we can order almost any co-op brand for our customer’s to pick up in Glencoe? Well we can – just email or call us using the info on our website.

There are some brands or items I buy over and over but I cannot get them in Glencoe. If you asked me for a list it would include

  1. fluoride-free toothpaste
  2. my favorite yogurts (organic whole milk and greek)
  3. shampoo + conditioner, body soaps & lotions (non-toxic or food-based!)
  4. non-gmo/gluten free/dairy free cookies and treats
  5. tea, coffee, etc etc etc
  6. organic essential oils or hard-to-find supplements

Are you anything like me this way? The list goes on. Please know these items and more can be ordered and picked up right in Glencoe. If you are a member you will receive 10% off your case order. But why buy from us when you can get it at Lakewinds or wherever else?

There are lots of reasons to support your local co-op.

1) Get a local store here sooner! Even though GPNF is currently just starting (i.e. no store yet!) we are the one hope of soon or eventually having a store right here in McLeod County.

2) Change the world around you! Have you ever heard anyone say, “You create your own world?” Well it has proven true to me. The things we encourage just so happen to grow and change the world around us.

3) Get to know people in your area! Im amazed how many people I never would have met outside of the co-op work I’m doing. It is rewarding to find other like-minded people in my area and surprising how helpful those connections really are in building home/community.

4) Create jobs! I know it seems far fetched looking at our small effort now but truly there could be more jobs here for great people to offer their skills. A co-op does create jobs in multiple ways and betters a life or two or three or four. Maybe even yours?

5) Invest in educating and bettering our community! Co-op’s do more than just sell food, they are values and education driven. “Together we grow” speaks volumes.

6) Fight cancer. I know this is everyone’s banner ad these days but seriously it’s amazing how good outweighs bad. Keep doing good – we don’t have a chance if we are not educating and changing our communities food system for the better step by step.

Order by these (Thursday) dates for 2019 orders:

January 24

February 21

March 21

April 18

May 16

June 13

July 11

August 8

September 5

October 3

October 31

November 28

December 26

*Orders arrive the following Tuesday after order date.

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