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Your turn to speak. We need your help. What do you think? Comment below.

20190119_184907In transcribing the comment cards from last weeks meetings, I found myself moved to inspiration. Something in me said, “I have to share these.” Personally, I go here, there and everywhere looking for inspiration. One of life’s greatest riddles is when the inspiration I needed was all around me? I want to share this with you because I found the content mobilizing. Please comment and offer feedback. Tag you’re it! 

Available to help wherever needed. 

Have experience with food safety (including food safety manager license). Square register POS, Marketing, Websites, Organization & Business Knowledge.”


“Community advocate/activist

Willing to volunteer – weekends only for now (in store). We need natural whole foods in Hutchinson. Need locally sourced items to support our community. Ive been on many boards…”


“Bulk options, essential oils, herbal medicine, soup, salad bar, local farms, community presentations/meetings.”


Former commercial interior designer & Business Owner

Product suggestions: Fresh cut flowers (bunches and market bouquets), Essential oils, Loose leaf tea, Einkorn flour, Kombucha, Wellness & Cooking Classes, Local coffee roaster. 

Ways I can help: Space planning, layout, materials selections, event planning. 

Contact Anne Martin @ Trimmings & Charm. She has a source for handmade tables & items from barnwood live edge wood items!”


“Kelly’s Dance Academy!”


Gluten free – culvers bun only option in Hutch.”


Will be signing up as member. Very interested in being on Board – lots of experience in coops, boards, retails & food service (certified). Would like to see produce and teaming up with local producers & products & businesses.” 


“I can donate professional picture framing for posters or artwork.” 


“What can we do to get involved? What can the community do to help? Would love to see healthy lunch options: sandwiches, soup, wraps…”


“St. Cloud Food Co-op

Posh Soap

Tri-County Water – Hutch Coborn’s Natures Pure Water.”


“Blue painters tape – may have some painting supplies.”


Elderberries, Raw Cashews, Homeopathic products.”


“Toothpaste, femine hygene products, vitamins/supplements, shampoo & conditioner, taco/ranch seasoning packets.”


“I would suggest menu be set and publicized a week or two ahead so people can plan ahead to come.” 


“Local goods, fresh produce, Free Smiles:), Sprouts, Kombucha, Keifer, 

Love the soup & salad idea, 

Kid friendly foods, 

Educational opportunities for kids eating better

Message boards for community connections and sharing opportunities.”


I can volunteer/cook/bake


Natural foods

Call me. Worked food line off and on many years.”


“I would like an emphasis on natural foods vs. purely local. I would not support convential ag products @ store.”


“Elena told me her sign outside on the sidewalk was the best $60 she spent. It really brought in customers. She would post @ what she was baking or any specials she had. She also told me she was surprised how many people would come soon after posting on Facebook.”


“Will any foods offered meet AIP dietary requirements, or be able to be modified?

Where/what providers will the ready made foods come from?

The white walls in the space feel sterile. Will the interior be painted in warm colors to create a warm & welcoming space? Plus lighting up space for the long winter darkness? 

Will you offer classes during off hours?

‘Cooking for Auto-Immune-Protocol’ or ‘Bees and their necessity in our world’ etc. 

(Classes & events will help build and support co-op community business!)

Will there be an open house kick-off right away and a Grand Opening event later?”


Are you, like me, amazed with people we have within and around us? We cannot forget to look for inspiration right within our reach. It is almost always there. Please tell us what you think and what you would like to do to help the co-op open. This kind of stuff matters! Please submit comments by email or comment in this blog post. Every day ideas make us stronger and closer to what we need to be… community-owned! Support local-natural foods, send your ideas today. 





2 thoughts on “Your turn to speak. We need your help. What do you think? Comment below.”

  1. How encouraging!! It’s wonderful to see all the comments of support and the willingness of others to pitch in and help. This will truly be a “community” effort!


  2. Great comments and so much excitement in our community about Greener Pastures! I have a food idea to share: SCONES! I must admit that my scones were. The best I’ve ever ever tasted, and perhaps I could make the dough there for you to bake. I know MANY people that would love to have Heirlooms’ scones again!

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