Co-op Development

I’m so darn proud of us.

As I step back and look at what we are really doing, I have to say – I’m just so proud of us! I just finished writing the email “Meet A Local Turkey Farmer” and this means people can now buy organic, local, free-range meat in Glencoe once again. That’s a landslide – woot, woot!! That’s one big step toward our goal of making natural foods available to all in our area.

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Co-op Development

Small and Strong Conference

Yes, that’s us – we are small and strong at GPNF. This is not a phrase I can take credit for but Karl and I were at a conference this past weekend with people who can take credit and understand how to start and how to exist being small and strong. It was a huge opportunity for us and we owe a big thanks for the invite to our neighbors at Litchfield’s Natural Foods Co-op. These people came together to instruct and be instructed on the creative work of starting a food co-op. There were no perfect answers but a lot of support to be found in this shared initiative. The Small & Strong Conference was from 9 am to 4:30 pm on Saturday Oct 27th. The meeting started with good food of course – provided by Mississippi Market Co-op of St Paul (where I am a member!).

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