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Talk is cheap; art means more.

We’ve all heard it said, “talk is cheap”, and we know what it feels like to be there – those empty wishes like “I hope it goes well” or “You know I/we love you”. Let me finish that statement above with a thought of my own from a few years back. I was working with a theater friend and the statement his work made to me was profound – the thought occurred to me as I breathed out a statement “talk is cheap, art means more.” It’s true to me even more as I think about this now. It’s easy to say “I love you” and much more challenging to show someone that we love them. Continue reading “Talk is cheap; art means more.”

Co-op Development

Your turn to speak. We need your help. What do you think? Comment below.

20190119_184907In transcribing the comment cards from last weeks meetings, I found myself moved to inspiration. Something in me said, “I have to share these.” Personally, I go here, there and everywhere looking for inspiration. One of life’s greatest riddles is when the inspiration I needed was all around me? I want to share this with you because I found the content mobilizing. Please comment and offer feedback. Tag you’re it! 

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Ames Farm Honey in Glencoe, MN

We are SO proud to say we are carrying Ames Farm honey and beeswax candles from our neighbors right up the road in Watertown, Mn. This prudent honey farm has been one of my favorite raw and/or local honey and beeswax makers for years. It is another addition to our growing pilot product table where we are making healthy local options available to the area even without having a store.

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